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Mission Statement

MBE's mission is to connect international audiences through the power of media, entertainment, and business. Our company is committed to developing the next generation of business managers, entrepreneurs, and future media moguls, through movies, music, television, real estate, and financial literacy.

Word on the street

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I loved how Marquise stressed the importance of changing your "Mindset". That was the "JEWEL" I obtained allowing me to view received information openly without negative judgement. Outside of all the priceless knowledge he provided.
M. Russell
The staff made me feel welcomed. The hospitality was appreciated. And Marquise made me feel comfortable and welcomed (while working with them).
A. Johnson
Sed error
A wealth of knowledge! Exceptional hospitality from the team! The team also answered my email promptly when I had a question! Access to wisdom and wisdom.
L. Hunter
Et autem

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