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A committed Business Enterprise

Marquise is a business executive dedicated to upscaling the African American community. Using his platform, he has produced content for widespread international audiences, being at the center of producing television shows, music, real estate, and practicing philanthropy and artist management.


Entrepreneur & Wealth Builder

CEO Businessman and God-made multi-millionaire Marquise has served as an industry executive for many years. Not only is Marquise well equipped in business strategy and marketplace philosophy, but he has a plethora of experience in entrepreneurship, artist management, real estate development, and film & TV production.

We do business

From running a multimedia empire to speaking to massive crowds, Marquise has the track record and the power to make business happen.

TV & Film

Marquise has been telling incredible stories through film & tv for decades. Click to see some of the incredible productions here!


From choir songs to Gospel and R&B, Marquise is passionate about producing music that touches the soul. Learn about some of the artists we’ve worked with!


Marquise has been a motivational speaker for years, spreading positive and captivating messages worldwide. Check out some of the sessions here!

News & Announcements

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