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Music Management

Marquise has nurtured the careers of some of the finest vocalists, songwriters, directors, and speakers. Being engaged in the recording music business (including artist services), he’s known for introducing new artists to the world. From Gospel, Choir and R&B, Marquise loves music,
and loved being involved in the musical process every step of the way.

Meet the Artists
We've Worked With

Tamar Braxton
Jovonta Payton
Fresh Start Worship Singers
Casey J
Bri (Briana Babineaux)
Tasha Cobbs
Kelontae Gavin
C. West
Derek Blanks

MG Wealth Circle

Understanding the wealth-building journey starts now. With several books written on wealth management and years of experience in philanthropy, Marquise is passionate about upskilling the black community to take control of their own wealth.
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